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Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
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The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) is the largest community college district in the United States. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College (LATTC) is the oldest of the nine colleges within the Los Angeles Community College District.  The President provides executive leadership and advocacy for the college, is responsible and directly accountable for all college operations, and is a district team member on the Chancellor’s cabinet.  The successful candidate will possess a thorough understanding of the primary mission of the community college, have a strong grounding in workforce education, and an appreciation for the interdependence between career-technical disciplines and transfer education.  The candidate must have an unwavering commitment to equity, inclusion and social justice and thoroughly understand the role of an urban community college and the dynamics within the multi-cultural community it serves.  The college is seeking a visionary president willing to make a strong commitment to the college and communities served by LATTC.

College Mission
Los Angeles Trade Technical College advances communities through pathways to academic, career, and transfer success that empower students to achieve career technical certificates, associate degrees, transfer, and employment.

About the College
LATTC has long and proud history of providing the highest quality technical and academic programs to students throughout the region. The college has been serving the Los Angeles community for over ninety years. In response to the needs of industry to provide post-secondary vocational training, the college began in 1925 by offering a course in power sewing at a manufacturing plant.  This led to the development of the Frank Wiggins Trade School, named after a chamber of commerce member who led in promoting the development of the Los Angeles area workforce.  The school relocated to a new building on the corner of Venice Boulevard and Olive Street in 1926, and in the inter-war period, gained a reputation for excellence through the success of its graduates in industrial careers and in the dedication of its faculty and staff.  During World War II, the college was extensively involved in labor force training in support of the federal War Production Program.  The end of the war and the return of the economy to civilian purposes, together with the infusion of federal funds for training veterans, led to an expanded demand for education and training at the college.  Accordingly, state-required academic subjects for the associate degree were added to the curricula, and in 1949, the college became Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, offering the associate degree in vocational disciplines.  LATTC moved to its current location in 1957.  In 1966, Metropolitan College, which had a strong business program, merged with Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, resulting in a broadening of course offerings.  In 1969, LATTC joined the then newly formed Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD).

LATTC occupies a 25-acre site at the corner of Washington Boulevard and Grand Avenue near the central business district of Los Angeles.  This central location is easily accessible via the freeway systems of Southern California and via public transportation, including the Blue Line and Expo Line portions of the Metro Rail system.  LATTC is unique in that approximately two-thirds of the instructional facilities are devoted to career-technical education. 

With a long history deeply rooted in preparing students for trade and technical careers, LATTC is the only community college in California that dedicates the majority of its institutional resources to career-technical education (CTE). The college recognizes its responsibility to provide general education, transfer, and workforce training to the community at large.  The college advances state, regional, and local economic growth, and global competitiveness, through education, training, and services that contribute to workforce improvement.  The college commits to providing educational and cultural activities that contribute to the general well-being of the community it serves.

LATTC offers 71 Associate Degree and 83 Certificate programs. Programs and services are provided via approximately 178 full-time faculty, 295 adjunct faculty, 238 classified staff members, and 18 administrators. The college serves approximately 14000 students per semester who are highly diverse and reflect the surrounding communities.

Desirable Qualities
The Chancellor and the Search Committee will evaluate potential candidates for the Presidency of LATTC based on the following desirable qualities identified by faculty, staff, and students.

Student Access, Success, and Equity
1. A president who is passionate about serving students, who has authentic concern for students, and will foster a welcoming and safe environment that supports teaching and learning.
2. A president who is committed to closing equity gaps in student outcomes and mobilizing the college to improve student retention, success, and completion.
3. A president who has experience working with Guided Pathways or similar initiatives as a means to helping students achieve social and economic mobility.
4. A president who embraces the rich diversity of the LATTC community and promotes an inclusive environment for all.

Financial and Operational Ability
1. A president who understands statewide and district systems for funding to maximize all college opportunities, including but not limited to, the Student-Centered Funding Formula, and Student Equity and Achievement.
2. A president who can provide leadership to the college with careful fiscal management, and who will protect, expand and leverage the college’s fiscal resources by aggressively advocating for state and federal funding to benefit students and the campus.
3. A president who can demonstrate evidence of successful oversight of construction, facilities, and existing bond projects for the college.
4. A president who can provide leadership and oversight in establishing a technology rich learning environment.
5. A president committed to campus safety, cleanliness, and emergency preparedness.
6. A president who can demonstrate fiscal prudence and accountability.
7. A president who can attract private and public extramural and philanthropic resources to the college.

1. A president who is committed to collegial consultation/participatory governance and has the ability to build consensus with a collaborative decision-making leadership style that inspires and empowers others with evidence of accountability for decisions.
2. A president who demonstrates high respect for the work of faculty, staff, and administrators and the value each brings to the effectiveness and improvement of the institution and the success of students.
3. A president who is highly responsive and supports a partnership between instruction, student services and administrative services.
4. A president who has a strong record of integrity and an ability to build trust in order to work effectively with faculty, staff, and administrators in the implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Strategic Thinking and Innovation
1. A president who is future-focused and will make significant data-informed decisions and inspire innovation.
2. A president who will provide strong leadership and will challenge the existing norms and procedures that may inhibit student success and institutional effectiveness.
3. A president who will provide strong support for open educational resources and online/hybrid learning modalities.

Communicates Effectively
1.A president who is transparent and communicates in a timely and effective manner with faculty, staff, students and the community.
2.A president who is resilient, empathetic, visible and listens actively and thoughtfully.
3.A president who communicates college successes and challenges to the community, the LACCD Board, the state, the nation, and is an advocate for the college.

Develops Effective Partnerships
1. A president who can build mutually beneficial partnerships with K-12 school districts and baccalaureate granting institutions to expand dual enrollment, the Los Angeles College Promise, online education, adult education, non-credit education and university transfer.
2. A president who develops and enhances college-centered relationships with various community and civic organizations, economic and workforce development entities and the surrounding community; e.g., SLATE-Z.
3. A president who promotes effective public relations, college branding and marketing initiatives.
4. A president who provides oversight to the College Foundation to ensure that fiduciary integrity is maintained to enable the Foundation to address the special needs of a premier workforce development program.
5. A president who will foster existing relationships, develop new relationships and increase economic development throughout the region.

Personal and Professional Characteristics
The ideal candidate will be:
1. A visionary leader committed to student success, the development of quality educational programs, and institutional improvement.
Trustworthy and noted for integrity and honesty in personal and professional interactions.
2. A role model and advocate for students, staff, and the community with a commitment to diversity.
3. A leader with significant executive experience in career technical education and workforce development.
4. Be able to demonstrate at least 2 years of senior leadership experience.
5. Be in possession of a doctorate from an accredited institution.

The president will be an outstanding leader with the ability to demonstrate:
1. An understanding of the mission and governance structures of the California Community Colleges.
2. Effective communication skills, strategic planning and organizational skills.
3. An open and fair management style that empowers others and promotes teambuilding, trust, and collegiality.
4. A leader who will galvanize all constituents, uplift employees, build consensus and continuously keep students at the center of all decisions.
5. An advocate for participatory governance, support for collaborative decision-making, and the ability to forge consensus on difficult issues.
6. Skill in the development and management of resources in a challenging fiscal climate while maintaining the integrity of the college’s programs and academic rigor.
7. The management of a complex budget that includes resource development and private fundraising.
8. Experience in the development of external and auxiliary fundraising organizations which support the mission of the college.
9. A collaborative style that is highly visible on campus and creates a positive interactive relationship with students, faculty, staff, and administrators,
10. Community college teaching experience and administrative experience in a diverse institutional environment is desired.

Salary and Benefits
The current salary range is $206,836 - $256,234 annually. Employee benefits include 15.5 paid holidays and 24 days paid vacation annually, comprehensive medical/hospital, dental, and vision care plans, and a $50,000 group life insurance policy.

Minimum Qualifications
Master’s degree or advanced degree of at least equivalent standard from an accredited college or university. The required degree must be completed at the time of filing an application.
One year of successful full-time experience in a senior leadership position in education, business, industry or government, preferably as a college or university administrator.
A sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of district faculty, staff and students.

General Requirements
Health:  A medical certificate indicating fitness to engage in administrative work is required for new employees at the applicant’s expense after selection from an eligible list and prior to employment.

Evaluation Procedures
Applications for the position will be screened by the Human Resources Division for minimum qualifications. A District Search Committee will review the eligible applications and select candidates for interview, and after interviewing the invited candidates, will recommend to the Chancellor at least three unranked candidates as finalists. The Chancellor’s office will conduct background and reference checks and interviews, and will forward the selected candidates to the Board of Trustees, along with his recommendation, if any, of the candidate(s) best suited for the position. The Board of Trustees may conduct further background checks or interviews as appropriate.

Filing an Application
To be considered for this position, applicants are required to complete the application using web-based software to create an applicant profile account, allowing documents to be saved and uploaded as attachments. The application address is   

All applicants must submit the following:

A completed LACCD application.

A letter of application of no more than five pages is requested. The cover letter for application must describe skills and experiences to demonstrate how your knowledge and expertise relate to the position as described in this job announcement.

A current résumé of professional experience, educational background, and other pertinent information.

A list of eight references with business and home telephone numbers, including two supervisors, two subordinates (including one support staff member), two faculty, and two community members.

Copies of transcript(s) (official transcripts will be required if selected for an interview). Documentation from an approved foreign transcript evaluator is required for degrees received from other countries. For a list of approved foreign transcript evaluation agencies, please go to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing:

The Search Committee will begin reviewing applications after November 4th, 2019; however, applications may be accepted until the position is filled. To be considered in the first reading, applications must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on November 4th, 2019. If selected for the position, additional information, including official transcripts, will be required.

Employment is contingent upon verification of qualifications.  LACCD reserves the right to modify and/or withdraw this position at any time.

The Los Angeles Community College District website is; the website for Los Angeles Trade Tech College is

Employment is contingent upon verification of qualifications.  LACCD reserves the right to modify and/or withdraw this position at any time.
For additional information, contact LACCD Human Resources at (213) 891-2290 or via e-mail at

The executive search firm of ACCT has been retained to assist with the search.  All confidential inquires and nominations should be directed to:

Michael McCall, Ed.D.
ACCT Search Consultant, (843) 300-9646 (mobile)

Julie Golder, J.D.
Vice President of Search Services, ACCT, (202) 384-5816 (mobile), 202-775-4466 (office)

ADA Notice 

Applicants and nominees who believe they are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) who require accommodation during any part of the interview or selection process must submit a written request with documentation at least three business days prior to the date of need of the accommodation via e-mail to: LACCD Human Resources

EEO Non-Discrimination Notice

It is the Los Angeles Community District’s policy to ensure that all qualified applicants for employment and employees have full and equal access to employment opportunity and are not subjected to discrimination in any program or activity of the District on the basis of actual or perceived ethnic group identification, race, color, naturalization, ancestry, religion, creed, sex (including gender-based sexual harassment), gender identity and expression, pregnancy, marital status, cancer-related medical condition of any employee, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status.

The Board of Trustees commits the District to vigorous EEO in all aspects of its academic and classified employment programs, including recruitment, selection, assignment, retention, promotion, and transfer.  The District strives to achieve a workforce that reflects the diversity of the state’s population and is welcoming to all persons from all other groups protected from discrimination to ensure the District provides an inclusive educational environment.  Such an environment fosters cooperation, acceptance, democracy and free expression of ideas.

Reference:  LACCD Board Rules, Chapter XIII, 101301 (2018)

Los Angeles
Community College District

Board of Trustees   
Andra Hoffman, President
Steven F. Veres, 1st Vice President 
Gabriel Buelna, Ph. D., 2nd Vice President
Mike Fong
Ernest H. Moreno
Scott J. Svonkin
David Vela
Alfredo Gama Salmeron, Student Trustee

District Administration
Francisco C. Rodriguez, Chancellor, Ph. D.  
Melinda Nish, Ed. D., Interim Deputy Chancellor,  
Ryan M. Cornner, Ed. D., Vice Chancellor, Educational Programs and Institutional Effectiveness,
Laurence B. Frank, JD., Interim Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Resource Development
Robert B. Miller, DPA, Vice Chancellor, Finance
Albert J. Roman, DPA, Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Thomas Hall, EdS, Acting Chief Facilities Executive
Jeffrey M. Prieto, J.D., General Counsel



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